British Truck Racing Championship (BTRC) News

The promotors of the BTRC, TRUCK SPORT UK are delighted to confirm that following the closure of the 2022 British Truck Racing Championship entry on the 11th March, this coming season within all five truck races, at all seven BTRC race events, twenty drivers have entered and committed to participate at all.

Motorsport UK regulations, state a maximum of twenty trucks can race together.

Unfortunately, due to the lake of additional track time at all seven events, it is not possible to split the two BTRC divisions, however TRUCK SPORT UK are working with all concerned, to achieve this for the 2023 BTRC season.

To clarify it is very disappointing but beyond our control that several teams missed the entry deadline and subsequently allowing them to be eligible for consideration to participate this season, however all that did were given fair consideration.

Moving on, as we fast approach the opening round of the 2022 BTRC season at Brands Hatch on 16/17 April, TRUCK SPORT UK are very confident the experience of the 2022 BTRC season will be outstanding for all.

A roll call announcing the details of all 2022 BTRC participants will be published very soon.


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