The stage was set for an action packed weekend when the British Truck Race teams arrived at the world famous Nurburgring race circuit. The Eifel region is still waiting for summer to arrive however the weather has never been an influencing factor for the British teams and they were thankful for the sun that shined over the Ring at the race weekend.

123,000 fans had made the journey the Nurburgring and they were not disappointed by the performance of (full) 28 truck grid two Mittelrhein Cup races, with overtaking race action in every lap thought the pack.

It was clear to see from the outset that the British drivers were going to dominate the two races. At the first race of the Mittelrhein Cup, nine British pilots occupied the first nine places. The first non BTRC truck was local, long time truck racer Heinz-Werner Lenz who finished the race in 10th position.

The A and B class results trophies were awarded to:

Class A

1st Ryan Smith

2nd Stuart Oliver

3rd Mat Summerfield

Class B

1st Rody Smit

2nd Frans Smit

3rd Adam Bint

Sunday morning saw the trucks out earlier than usual with what was to prove to be without doubt the best race of the weekend. Race one on Saturday was an all action packed race, Sunday’s race was beyond belief in the amount of overtaking action from start to finish with the front six trucks constantly changing positions throughout.

Fighting for podium positions were David Jenkins, Mat Summerfield, Ryan Smith, Sascha Lenz, Shane Brererton and Stuart Oliver.

After the hustle and bustle throughout the top 3, A and B class were decided with BTRC rankings and trophies awarded to:

Class A

1. Ryan Smith

2. David Jenkins

3. Stuart Oliver

Class B

1. Rody Smit

2. Frans Smit

3. Marco Donk

In addition to the two Mittelrhein Cup truck races that counted towards the British Truck Racing Championship were four races of the FIA European Championship. Within these participated two British drivers, Ryan Smith and Shane Brereton.

They did not let the side down with an outstanding performance from both drivers with results in the top ten.

In addition to the top three podium trophies awarded for each race, awards were presented for the best national race by race competitors, with Ryan Smith picking up the 2nd place trophy and Shane Brereton the 3rd.

The prestigious Ring Meister (King of the Ring) trophy that is awarded to the most consistent and trouble free driver within the practice, qualifying and throughout the races over the whole weekend for the Mittelrhein Cup races was awarded to Stuart Oliver.

In summary all the British race teams participated in a very professional manner that lead to great all-round success and ultimately a fantastic weekend of racing in front of the 123,000 truck race fans!

The next round of the BTRC is at Donington Park on 23rd-24th July 2016.

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