On paying your entry fee it is accepted that you agree to the specific terms and conditions that apply to each and every individual show event.


  • Each entrant will be provided free of charge two weekend entry tickets plus one event programme

  • Each truck / driver will have the opportunity to participate in the track parade (full details times etc will be provided to each driver on arrival).

  • Entry to each event is allowed only from noon on the Friday until 22.00 hours, and with advance notice between 06.00 and 08.00 on the Saturday.

  • For the Brands Hatch events, due to very limited space NO facility will be available to drop trailers on site

  • No truck movements are allowed prior to the close of the event unless authorised and marshalled by circuit management

  • Unless specified, no caravans or cars are allowed in the show truck parking area, (alternative parking area will be available)

  • Strictly no dogs are allowed on site

  • Where any vehicle requires to leave the event before the close the driver must obtain permission from the circuit and be marshalled off site.

  • Engines must NOT be run after 23.00 or before 07.00 on each race day

  • As per the environmental act STRICTLY NO AIR HORNS are to be used.

  • All vehicles and contents are on site at the owner’s risk



N.B. We operate a ZERO tolerance policy regarding drunken/anti-social behaviour. Any driver and or associate not adhering to the rule will be asked to leave site.


Truck Sport Promotions Ltd